The mission of the NGNP Industry Alliance is to commercialize High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR) technology and expand the use of clean nuclear energy within industrial applications while significantly reducing the dependence on premium fossil fuels in the future.

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What is an HTGR?

The High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR) - Safe, Clean and Sustainable Energy for the Future

portion of HTGR diagram

The Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP), using gas-cooled reactor technology, will provide the blueprint for the commercial industry to manage the heat from the next generation of advanced nuclear plants for energy production and industrial processing.

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News and Events

06-11 1:41
MT @casenergy @TheBTI co-fnder sees #nuclear leading US enviro work: ...a sense that this is a beautiful thing, the beginning of a movement
06-11 12:46
MT @earthvitalsigns: Study: #Nuclear power cuts pollution deaths, GHG emissions: http://t.co/pTD3fxSgNe #climatechange #globalwarming
06-10 2:35
We're curious what you think of when you hear NGNP Alliance. Respond on facebook: http://t.co/JmmFMi2MUQ
06-10 8:03
RT @casenergy: Ever had a question about #nuclear #energy but were afraid to ask? Check out this FAQ from @ans_org http://t.co/XsSgWocEj5
06-07 11:51
MT @yes_vy: 159th Carnival of #Nuclear Energy up at Next Big Future. "Nukes in my backyard", a nuclear opponent... http://t.co/7FoAc4q1uu
06-07 11:15
We're curious what you think when you hear NGNP Alliance. Running a poll on FB. Like us while you're there. http://t.co/a6ohTCAsBT

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