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Category: Research Papers

File Name File Description File Size  
INL/EXT-12-26710 Options for Kentucky’s Energy Future February 2013 Idaho National Laboratory in collaboration with Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet and the NGNP Industry Alliance Limited 15 MB Download
AREVA - Lommers, L. J.,, AREVA HTR Concept for Near-Term Deployment Proceedings of HTR 2010, October 2010 353 KB Download
INL/EXT-11-23239, Integration of High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Technology with Oil Sands Proc INL/PTAC Report - October 2011 3 MB Download
U.S. NRC Recommendations for Enhancing Reactor Safety in the 21st Century THE NEAR-TERM TASK FORCE REVIEW OF INSIGHTS FROM THE FUKUSHIMA DAI-ICHI ACCIDENT 5 MB Download
Helium Gas Turbine Reactor EPRI Doc. No. TP-114690 Technical Progress Report January 2000 3 MB Download
Industry Spent Fuel Storage Handbook EPRI Doc. No. 1021048 Final Report, July 2010 1 MB Download
Program on Technology Innovation: Integrated Generation Technology Options EPRI Doc. No. 1019539 Technical Update, November 2009 1 MB Download
The Next Generation Nuclear Plant Project The Case for Utility Interest EPRI Doc. No. 1016759 Technical Update, December, 2008 531 KB Download
Graphite Decommissioning Options for Graphite Treatment, Recycling, or Disposal, including a discuss EPRI Doc. No. 1013091 Final Report, March 2006 1 MB Download
Containment Versus Confinement for High-Temperature Gas Reactors Regulatory, Design Basis, Siting, a EPRI Doc. No. 1011948 Technical Update, May 2005 772 KB Download
An Assessment of the Impact of the Energy Bill of 2003 on the U.S. Market for New Nuclear Technologi EPRI Doc. No. 1011038 Final Report, August 2004 256 KB Download
High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors for the Production of Hydrogen EPRI Doc. No. 1009687 Final Report, October 2004 3 MB Download
Materials Database Extension Materials for Auxiliary Bearings in HTGRs EPRI Doc. No. 1009686 Final Report, October 2004 3 MB Download
Coatings to Prevent Diffusion of Fission Products into Turbine Materials Used in High Temperature Ga EPRI Doc. No. 1009385 Technical Update, December, 2003 2 MB Download
A Review of Radionuclide Release From HTGR Cores During Normal Operation EPRI Doc. No. 1009382 Final Report, February 2004 10 MB Download
High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors for the Production of Hydrogen EPRI Doc. No. 1007802 Final Report, March 2003 3 MB Download
Evaluation of Materials Issues in the PBMR and GT-MHR EPRI Doc. No. 1007505 Final Report, November 2002 6 MB Download
Plateout Phenomena in Direct-Cycle High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors EPRI Report No. 1003387 Final Report, June 2002 20 MB Download