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10/11/2018 NC2I Newsletter No. 3 Special edition newsletter on Gemini Plus Project 4 MB Download
04/27/2017 Presentation - Opportunities for International Collaboration on Modular HTRs Proceedings of ICAPP 2017 April 24-28, 2017 - Fukui and Kyoto (Japan) - Presentation by: Matt Richards 2 MB Download
01/25/2017 PRESS RELEASE - NGNP Industry Alliance Grows into Mission – Changes for the Future 2016 Reorganization converted to action in 2017 463 KB Download
01/19/2017 Press Release - Atkins joins NGNP Industry Alliance Mission Press Release for 2017 Membership - Atkins joins Alliance 464 KB Download
08/04/2016 Press Release - Alliance Applauds Appointment of Polish Advisory Committee on HTRs NGNP Industry Alliance Applauds Appointment of Polish Advisory Committee on High Temperature Reactors on High Temperature Reactors 292 KB Download
GAO-15-652, Technology Assessment - Nuclear Reactors July 2015; Status and Challenges in Development and Deployment of New Commercial Concepts 3 MB Download
PRESS RELEASE - South Carolina & Georgia Development Groups Join Next Generation Industry Alliance Press Release of November 27,2012 - SRSCRO and ARC become Alliance Members 30 KB Download
HTGR Technology Downselect Decision Paper - NGNP Industry Alliance February 7, 2012 Technology selection by the NGNP Industry Alliance for AREVA SC HTGR for industrial use. February 7, 2012 255 KB Download
Press Release - February 9, 2012 Technology Downselect to AREVA SC HTGR Selection of prismatic block HTGR for industrial use 02/09/2012 68 KB Download
AREVA Slide Presentation, Lommers, L. J.,, AREVA HTR Concept for Near-Term Deployment HTR 2010, Prague, Czech Republic - 18-20 October 2010 319 KB Download
DOE Letter to E&W Subcommittee - Chu to Feinstein dated 10/17/2011 Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee's NGNP Phase 2 Recommendation 278 KB Download
DOE Letter to NGNP Industry Alliance - Lyons to Moore Dated 08/18/2011 Response to Alliance views on NEAC recommendations for NGNP Project 249 KB Download
U.S. NRC Recommendations for Enhancing Reactor Safety in the 21st Century THE NEAR-TERM TASK FORCE REVIEW OF INSIGHTS FROM THE FUKUSHIMA DAI-ICHI ACCIDENT 5 MB Download
Press Release April 26, 2011 - DOE Nuclear Project Remains Viable According to Industry and Experts Industry commentary on Platts Inside Energy article of April 25th - "Low natural gas prices said to hurt prospects for DOE nuclear project" Yanmei Xie 330 KB Download
U.S. Falling Behind in Nuclear Power Article highlights Women in Nuclear conference at Oak Ridge National Laboratory February 8, 2011 7 KB Download
World Wide Interest - Recent Articles Where is the U.S.? 17 KB Download
The Basics of the High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR - 101) The U.S. Should Demonstrate Synthetic Fuel Production using a High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR) 257 KB Download