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Category: Nuclear Energy

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01/12/2016 NGNP Industry Alliance Support of H.R. 4084 Advanced Nuclear Energy Reactor Innovation and Development 353 KB Download
05/03/2016 NGNP Industry Alliance Support of H.R. 4979 Advance Nuclear Technology Development Act of 2016 562 KB Download
Assurance of Nuclear Reactor Fuel Cooling and Integrity Provides a summary level comparison of capabilities for light water reactor designs and modular helium-cooled reactor designs. 15 KB Download
Program on Technology Innovation: Nuclear Power Generation Technologies Current Status and Trends EPRI Doc. No. 1015114 Final Report, June 2007 2 MB Download
U.S. Falling Behind in Nuclear Power Article highlights Women in Nuclear conference at Oak Ridge National Laboratory February 8, 2011 7 KB Download
DOE Nuclear Energy R&D Roadmap - Report to Congress April 2010 This document provides a roadmap for the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) research, development, and demonstration activities that will ensure nuclear energy remains viable energy option for the United States 7 MB Download